19th International Congress of ESCAP Maastricht

19th International Congress of ESCAP 2021 Maastricht

'Networks in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry'

The 2021 ESCAP Congress is going to be held in Maastricht during 27-29th June 2021 – in the south of The Netherlands, close to the German and Belgian borders – under the responsibility of the Dutch ESCAP member: the child and adolescent faculty of the NVvP, the Dutch Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. The ESCAP 2021 Congress theme in Maastricht will be: ‘Networks in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’.

Local organizing committee

Manon Hillegers, congress president
Professor and head of department of child and adolescent psychiatry/psychology | Erasmus MC-Sophia children’s hospital | Rotterdam | The Netherlands

Thérèse van Amelsvoort
Professor and Personal chair, Psychiatry & Neuropsychology | School for Mental Health and Neuroscience | Fac. Health, Medicine and Life Sciences | Maastricht | The Netherlands

Arne Popma
Professor | Amsterdam UMC, loc. VUmc | department of pediatrics and child and youth psychiatrist | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Wouter Staal
Professor of child and adolescent psychiatry | Radboud Medical Center | Nijmegen | The Netherlands

Some topics to tempt you with.....

  • The brain as a network of neurons
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as a network of mental health professionals
  • Children growing up in a network of peers
  • The impact of the social media network on youth
  • The need for collaboration and sharing knowledge in a European network of CAP
  • The value of the community network for families and mentally ill children
  • The network of antecedents in the development of mental illness
  • Using eHealth applications to reach and treat youth.
  • The need to develop, understand and use algorithms in networks of big data

Manon Hillegers, congress organiser presenting Maastricht 2021

Maastricht congress organiser Manon Hillegers addressed the crowds at the recent Vienna congress to inform attendees of the next 2021 congress in Maastricht.